Customer Attraction Testimonials

Customer Attraction Testimonials for Attraction Marketing Secrets by Al Johnson

Last week, I had the remarkably good fortune to stumble upon a webinar entitled, "The 4-Step Marketing System: The Insider Secrets of Attracting Customers!" It was presented by Al Johnson. Mr. Johnson is an 8th-Degree Black-Belt Master of Marketing with lethal competition-eliminating skills. He created the system in 1994 (to help a struggling sales professional close 10 of 10!), has trained thousands in over 500 live nationwide seminars, and he'll bury you alive with 3-days worth of ready-to-use and proven wealth-building resources, sales techniques, and strategies in under 2 hours. It doesn't matter what you're selling...his stuff is amazing and will absolutely explode your income. Al, that was an amazing webinar and way, way, way beyond anything I expected. Obviously, I would love to have your "4-Step Marketing System" rushed to me ASAP! You must have set a new world record, Al, for "Most Information Per Hour!" I'm sure you're exhausted.

Mark D. Goldstein

 Over the past 58 years of living, I've had occasion to hear quite a number of speakers. I should say that I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar presentation by Mr. Al Johnson. So much of the information that I am routinely presented with in this day and age, smacks of qualification, reservation, and hesitation. Not so with the webinar by Mr. J. The truth is indeed refreshing and the plan for increasing sales makes great sense to me. It was an invigorating and inspiring event.

Joe Long

Hello Al, Let me first say that that was the most incredible webinar I have ever seen for anything!!! My head is about to explode with all of the information that you packed into that hour and fifteen-minute presentation. I am new to the sales industry and had no idea where to begin, but this has opened my eyes to becoming a marketer of many different things. I have to change my focus from being an expert at the technical functions of providing a product or service to becoming an expert at marketing ANY product or service. Al I think that you have changed my life with this information and I plan to be one of those success stories that you share in future webinars. I look forward to establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship!!! Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Kelvin L Evans

 Al Johnson is an ultimate professional. I have known him for 8 or more years and while working with him he always gives value first, he's very friendly and he has an extraordinary ability to get people engaged. Knowing him is something you will always want to maintain for a long time.  Al, This gives a professional marketer hope in the jungle out there.  Thanks a million.

W. Charles Cole


Wow! Al! Amazing! I am excited. Customer Attraction Marketing. What a concept! I am ready. Makes so much sense, everything you said! What you just offered in 1 hour is worth many thousands of dollars at the very least. Many thanks! What good karma you are creating.

Robin Wing

Al, Since our team first implemented the new marketing system you recommended our customer response has increased three-fold.

Al Woods